We’ll Never grow up

When we were small, we all wanted ONE thing. We all wanted to grow up. Being a kid meant nothing to us. Being a kid meant always getting shouted at. We wanted it gone. Childhood meant no one trusting you to do anything. It meant not being taken seriously or even have your opinion considered. And we all desperately wanted to grow up and do all the grown up things. And then one day, the world decided to treat you EXACTLY how you’ve always wanted. It threw a thousand responsibilites at your feet and watched you pick them up. one by one. You grew up. One day you woke up and you were no longer a kid. You no longer got to play with barbies or cars or trucks.And you instantly loved it. Your mom asked you which dress looked prettier on her, your dad asked you to help him clean the car, and you just loved being grown up. For a while, we all enjoyed it. Some of us, sometimes, still do enjoy being almost grown up. But somtimes, some of us miss childhood so much. That feeling that you have no responsibility. Nothing to commit to. and No one takes you seriously no matter what you say or do. And you always have fun. You’re allowed to believe in anything without anyone judging you or second guessing that you’re retarded. You had life at the tip of your fingers. Well, you still do. As an almost adult, you have the world at your fingertips. I dont know what that means but it must mean something good, since i’ve heard it ever so often. Honestly, sometimes I just cant wait to be entirely grown up and me on my own and at other times, I just want to be a kid again, playing with barbies with Joann and not giving a damn about the world and all its unjust complications. I guess its part of human nature and it’s part of ‘growing up’ . You regret wanting to grow up at one point and then you regret wanting to be a child again. It’s expected.  I guess that’s why people tell you not to regret anything. Instead of boring all my readers, i shall end with this…. I dont think anyone grows up. We all have that hidden child inside ALL of us no matter how mature we claim to be. And no matter how ‘GROWN-UP’ we claim to be. We’re not. We never will be ‘grown up’.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.


3 thoughts on “We’ll Never grow up

  1. RAHIYA RAZA says:

    tht was trulyy amazingg.. seriousllyyy… i just loves it nd yess i do miss my childhoodd…:):)… nd whole ov this is WOWWW… =]=]

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