The non existant Philosophers

They say life is meant to be unfair. We’re supposed to make mistakes, we’re supposed to fail- because encountering all these things only makes us STRONGER. They. Here’s a wise question or Vierd one. Who’s THEY? Who’s this THEY that everyone seems to agree with and not doubt their existence and theories? What if there was no ‘they’? 

What if ‘they’ was created by some lonely boy because he wanted to have hope, and he wanted people to have hope?  So he created a ‘they’ – who understands that things are not what they seem and life isn’t easy. Why do we trust Them though? Just because they believe that everything will turn out okay in the end? I mean, it’s what we all really want isn’t it? Someone to tell us that everything’s going to be OKAY? Someone to tell us that everything IS going to be all right? And when that someone does not cross paths with us, THAT’S when we begin to doubt if everything will be okay or not. If only that lonely boy never created a ‘THEY’ for us to cling on and that ‘they’ never formed their theories about life, would we still be alive? Would we still have any hope left in us? Would we still hold on to something, even if it’s just a memory, just to get us through this journey we so readily call ‘life’? Would we hold on if we knew that everything will be okay in the end? Not all of us will. Not all of have the will and the strength to hold on to something. Some of us find different ways to hold on to something as long as you make it through one day. That alone is courage. Not everyone has it. Those that don’t, those that don’t believe in ‘THIER’ theories- they are the ones who give up their own soul by taking their own life.

So here’s a bit of advice, believe in anything you want, believe in God, Santa, Peter pan, Love, Happily ever afters’, Hope, faith, Destiny, Fairies etc. Believe in anything that gets you through each day. And never. Never. Give it up. Because at the end of the day your beliefs keep you from drowning.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.


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