That girl noone knew

She would cry,

just to know what it feels like

She would laugh

just to know what it sounds like

She would fall in love

just to know what a broken heart is

she would cut her hair short and wear clothes that a boy would

just to know what its like to be a boy

She would play with her dolls

just to know what its like to have freinds

She would cut herself

just to know what pain is

She would pretend to drown in the lake

just to see if anyone noticed

She would tel him she loved him

just so that someone might tell her that

She would run fast

just to feel the raindrops beat her face

She had no friends, she had no love

She had no family, she had no laugh

She lived near the tiny pot hole,

that nobody came by because

it was in a street that nobody knew

next to the house which was far away

from the closest place, Aunt Carol’s..


One thought on “That girl noone knew

  1. And it is exactly this reason why she would later become very successful, inshAllah

    It’s often the curiosity and experience of people that leads them to great heights– just because they hasve a passion to learn, to know, this thirst about feeling everythign around them.

    I like this poem thing.

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