Places I’d love to marry.

He's not a man, He's a God

In an absolut world, everything is simply divine. The divine invention was created in 1879 by the enterpreneur LARS OLSSON SMITH.That man, was simply a genius. Much more productive and efficient that Einstien. I LOVE the Swiss. They have the best chocolate, alcohol, WATCHES (like how cool is that?!) and the coolest iciest ALPS..

The divine Invention.Much better than gravity

.. my devotion goes out to them. and ofcourse the IRISH. now the irish, they’ll always come first.even before the Swiss. i just simply adore the Irish. Theyre just brilliant works of art. Their faces, their voices, their naturally built  perfect bodies. and oh yes. GERARD BUTLER. wait. hes Scottish. well. i love the scottish too. especially my Gerry. LOL. okay. like i was saying, the Irish. they belive in leprechauns. they’re cool. and their sceneries and landscapes, are just breathtakingly divine. and Ireland is the place i want to be. i’ll buy my lake house there. oh and someone told me that Ireland is THE best place to booze up.

Right. so this is where i stop rambling on about the places i love.and the place i WANT and Need to be.

okay. bye.

Irishly yours,

Painted Shadow


One thought on “Places I’d love to marry.

  1. hah says:

    Absolut Vodka is a Swedish brand produced by swedes. Switzerland (the Swiss people) on the other hand is famous for their watches and chocolate. Beware of the distinction.

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