Bits and Bobs

ive cried. i’ve cried loads of times. Mostly over things i have no control of. Maybe thats why u cry. Coz you cant do anything about it. so you cry. you cant change it. you cant even mess with it a bit, when you start feeling helpless and worn out of the same thing, you cry. In a way, its good.

i cant stop listening to James Morrison. and yesterday my past came back to haunt me. it was weird. and i did something which i thought like 5 times over before doing it. and finally decided to do it. and then apologize later for it. but im glad i did it. it helped alot. i feel much.much better. thanks again.

i wish i could turn back time when life seemed so much simpler in my eyes. i wish i was born in the 18th or 19th century, when technology and other man made monstrosities didnt evolve around our lives, when a proper gentleman would escort you to the evening ball and you danced all night without a care in the world. i wish for a simpler world. i wish to live ina place where every face i pass is a know one. i wish to live in a place where every flower blossoms naturally, where the sun doesnt burn holes on your body, where the leaves turn orange and the lake turns into ice at the end of the year.
i wsh to stroll down that lane with the orange leaves blowing around me,and the cool wind blowing through my hair, almost as if it was clearin my mind and soul.
iwish to sit on abench as a flake of purity settles on my eyelash. i wish to sit on that same bench and not fear about gettin killed or kidnapped.i wihs that as a teenage, almost apporoaching adulthood, the rules could change a liitle. i wish people didnt have to say goodbye to the ones they lloved. i wish people would belive in things they havent seen. i wish people could cry,laugh and smile without fearin what people mite think. i wish people could speak their mind instead of hiding how they truly feel.
i wish people would forgive and forget as easily and they lie. i wish for a world that is perfect and real enough in my mind to keep me wishing as it gives me hope. it gives me hope for the future..
i wish to see love in everyones eyes. i wish for a figment of my imagination to be real. (From my facebook Notes)….

Yours Truly,

Painted Shadow.


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